The SACP programme and campaigns seek to overcome the economic system problems and crises of unemployment, poverty, and inequality, and establish shared prosperity.

The first non-racial and second oldest political organisation existing in South Africa, the SACP was founded in 1921 to wage the struggle to end oppression and economic exploitation, and replace the repressive regime with a non-racial, non-sexist, liberated, socially emancipated and caring society characterised by lasting peace, freedom and sustainable development under democratic majority governance.

The SACP is the first political organisation that proposed a democratic republic with equal rights for all the people as a solution to the repressive regimes that prevailed in South Africa. The transition we achieved in 1994, replacing the apartheid regime with the current democratic dispensation, came as a direct fruit of the leadership and activist role played by the SACP and its allies, supported by democratic popular support in the liberation struggle.

The struggle is not over, however. A donation to the SACP represents an active expression of support and solidarity to end the exploitation and domination of one person, social group and class by another.

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